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With the sole vision in mind of making badminton accessible to all, we saw a need for structured badminton programs for individuals who may have lost touch with it over time, or even those who never got to fulfil their aspiration of learning badminton when they were younger. A program specifically designed for adults, it is the right balance between technical know-how, theoretical knowledge, as well as fitness sessions.

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As Adult’s levels of expertise may vary with different kinds of individuals and their interests, the program is modified according to player needs.

Accessible to All

Calling the Adults Program versatile is an understatement. The program caters to all age groups and levels of expertise.

Highly-Trained Coaches

With the high level of expertise amongst our coaches, it ensures growth of the player in all aspects.

New Fitness Routine

Today, where a multitude of fitness classes are available, our program is a fun way to stay fit and healthy.

Available Online and On-Court

Arising from the needs of Covid, we now offer the program online, that you can attend from the comfort of your home.

What To Expect?

As this level is varied with the kind of individuals and their interests, the program is modified according to player need.

we provide

Program Features

Coaching Modules

Difference based on age and skill level

Specialised Coaching

Based on individual's interests (Singles or Doubles)

Varied Classes

Group or Individual Coaching Available

Compact Sessions

60 minute sessions throughout the day

Focussed Classes

The focus is mostly on developing technical skills


A progressive loading of sessions during the program

Our Process

Next Steps


Identify the Program

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Speak to Our Team

Our coaches and managers are always available to answer any queries you may have about the program and any additional details


Choose between Online and On-Court

While we are present in fourteen centres across seven cities, we are ever expanding! You can still train with us virtually


Choose your Centre and Start Date

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Attend your Free Virtual Class!

If you would like a preview of our coaching, attend an online class before signing up for the programs

Venues Across India

We're currently in 8 cities and growing


An opportunity to pursue sport  should not just be limited to a few select cities. With this is mind, PSM is committed to expanding to all tiers and offering every individual a chance to pursue their dream. 

On-Court and Online

The same knowledge; dispersed differently

Focussed around perfecting the techniques, building the stamina and agility for the sport, and constant monitoring by a coach, the on-court program is geared towards game progression.

The perfect amalgamation of technical knowledge, fitness sessions, nutrition, meditation, sports psychology, and theoretical basics; the online program is a complete package.



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Frequently Asked Question

We have a mastery in training completely raw beginner in badminton. If you have never played before, all you need to bring on your first day is your passion.

This program caters to students still in college who want to play recreationally, senior citizens who want to keep up their fitness, and everyone in between. If you are anywhere on that spectrum, this highly varied program is the right fit for you.

Having prior experience under your belt is always a plus point! As our program is adjusted based on the player’s skill level, you will be able to maintain your game or even progress further if you choose to do so. It is also a great program for corporate tournament players who want to improve their game to win matches.

A program as scaleable as ours that can serve multiple purposes like maintaining or increasing fitness, improving technical badminton abilities, learning a new sport or hobby, corporate tournament players wanting to improve their game, or an individual just rekindling the old spark. The question is why wouldn’t you join this program!

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