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The Beginner Level Badminton Coach Program not only enhances the technical skills a good coach requires, but also provides them with a holistic view of the world of coaching. Along with on-court requirements, it is important for any coach to have off-court soft skills as well. The 'Become a Coach' Program trains and equips coaches with all the knowledge and expertise one needs to be a successful and skilled badminton coach.

Badminton Training Academy - PSM
Badminton Training Academy - PSM


With the exploding popularity of badminton in India during the last decade, the number of players, courts, tournaments, and coaches has grown several-fold. After empirical success in the coaching field, we realized that the demand for well-trained badminton coaches is far more than the availability in the country.

The PSM Way

Badminton Training Academy - PSM

The program is based on the Badminton World Federation Level 1 and Shuttle Time Module along with our experience.

Based on BWF Level 1 + Shuttle Time

The program is based on the Badminton World Federation Level 1 and Shuttle Time Module along with our experience.

Beginner Level Program

This program is designed in a way to cater to any badminton enthusiast, whether they are a player or coach.

Highly Scaleable

In the world of coaching, basics go a long way. Even coaches with prior experience, may be able to gain value.

What To Expect?

A beginner level program, it ensures that the participants upon completion are able to train individuals in a structured manner. 

we provide

Program Features

Theory and Demonstration

A mixture of both, the sessions are structured systematically

Insights on Physical Training

Coaches will be trained in the fitness training aspects of the sport

Education on Sports Nutrition

An important element for player development, we teach the basics

Interaction with Badminton Legends

The opportunity to meet Prakash Padukone and Vimal Kumar

First-Aid and Injury Management

A physical sport, badminton coaches require this know-how

Certification of Completion

All the coaches to receive a certification of completion

Our Process

Next Steps


Finalise the Program

Whether you are a former or current player who may want a certification for future use, or existing coaches who want to perfect their coaching style, or even referees who may want a sneak peek into the other side of the court, have all been participants of this program.


Speak to Our Team​

Our coaches and managers are always available to answer any queries you may have about the program. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Choose between Online and On-Court

While we currently offer this program at the Padukone-Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence, we are ever expanding! You can take this program virtually, from the comfort of your own home.


Choose your Start Date

Look out for the available batches that are usually conducted on a monthly basis, and pick the one that suits you best.

Our team

Learn from few of the most experienced mentors

Narendra Ubhayakar PSM

Narendra Ubhayakar

Sr. Technical Consultant

As a player, Mr. Ubhayakar represented India in the World Masters in Brisbane (1994) and the United States (1998). He was the Coach for the Karnataka State Badminton team for several years. Presently the Chief Coach at the Canara Union Charitable Trust, Mr. Ubhayakar has been associated with PSM since 2015 in various capacities.

PSM Balachandran

Balachandran T R

Course Coordinator

Balan Sir as he is so fondly called, was a Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy Coach from 1995 to 2014 coaching Olympians like Gopi Chand, Aparna Popat, Anup Sridhar, Ashwini Ponnappa etc. Amongst his accolades, belong both BWF Level 1 (2016) as well as Level 2 Certification (2019). He is also a qualified Shuttle Time Teacher.

PSM Aditya Prakash

Aditya Prakash

PSM Head Coach

A former Junior National Champion and Sr. International Player as well as the Chief Coach of PSM, Aditya is also an alumnus of Olympic Gold Quest(OGQ) Coaches Excellence Program 2019-20. Aditya is an alumnus of the famous Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy and is considered one of the most technically sound players of the game. 

PSM Mohnish Sharma

Dr. Mohnish Sharma


A certified practitioner, Dr. Mohnish is a sports physiotherapist with a great understanding of the sport and the injuries that come with it for the past four years.  He has been the official physiotherapist for various All India Senior and Junior Badminton Tournaments during 2018-2020. He is also a Lifetime Member of the IAP.

Venues Across India

We're currently in 8 cities and growing


An opportunity to pursue sport  should not just be limited to a few select cities. With this is mind, PSM is committed to expanding to all tiers and offering every individual a chance to pursue their dream. 

Badminton Coaching Academy
Junior Badminton Coaching Academy
Junior Badminton Coaching Academy
Junior Badminton Coaching Academy
Junior Badminton Coaching Academy
Junior Badminton Coaching Academy
Adults Badminton Coaching Academy
Badminton Training Academy - PSM
Badminton Training Academy - PSM
Badminton Training Academy - PSM
Badminton Training Academy - PSM

On-Court and Online

The same knowledge; dispersed differently

Focussed around perfecting the techniques, teaching the stamina and agility for the sport, and constant monitoring by our experts, the on-court program provides holistic training.

The perfect amalgamation of technical knowledge, fitness sessions, nutrition, and theoretical details; the online program is a complete package.



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Frequently Asked Question

Depending on whether the program is online or on-court, the program duration can vary from one-two weeks. 

Yes, you can. The ‘Be a Coach’ program is designed in a way that it teaches the basics to anyone who is interested in wanting to be a coach. The program teaches on-court methodology, as well as off-court behaviour.

You have come to the right place. With some experience in coaching, it’s very important to learn how to plan out sessions in the most effective manner and being able to answer the questions that the students may have. This program provides all and that, and a lot more.

Along with the certification, the program teaches coaches how to plan sessions, the best way to deal with all kinds of students, and basic knowledge in all surrounding gamuts as well.

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Badminton Training Academy - PSM
Badminton Training Academy - PSM

List Of Participants

The below list may be used to verify all participants and certificates. Please call us in case of any clarifications.(Desktop Viewing Only)

Serial NumberNameStateDateBatch
OC99309958Mr. Abdul KhaderTamilnadu12th to 17th November, 20192019
OC77945651Mr. Aditya SwamyMaharastra3rd TO 8th March, 20202020
OC34775055Mr. Allwyn AntoKerala12th to 17th November, 20192019
OC74542355Mr. Anand Raju C MKarnataka11th to 16th March, 20192019
OC83957029Mr. Aslam V PKerala12th to 17th November, 20192019
OC63289430Mr. Bharath VeerabhadrappaKarnataka11th to 16th March, 20192019
OC24032914Mr. Bhaven ParikhGujarat11th to 16th March, 20192019
OC27436310Mr. Chander DograKarnataka12th to 17th November, 20192019
OC17015547Mr. Chandu C SKerala3rd TO 8th March, 20202020
OC67958722Mr. Delwyn AntoKerala12th to 17th November, 20192019
OC80068600Mr. George EapenKerala11th to 16th March, 20192019
OC28396764Mr. George Wilfred P GKerala3rd TO 8th March, 20202020
OC49575688Mr. Gopal KrishnaKarnataka11th to 16th March, 20192019
OC66797700Mr. H M Santosh KumarKarnataka11th to 16th March, 20192019
OC51417862Mr. Hardik SharmaUttarakhand3rd TO 8th March, 20202020
OC48288142Mr. Hitesh GangwarMaharastra11th to 16th March, 20192019
OC55785965Mr. Hrishikesh ZadeMaharastra11th to 16th March, 20192019
OC97946166Mr. Jayadeeep PonpoothilKerala11th to 16th March, 20192019
OC87938775Mr. Jayakumar VoraGujarat3rd TO 8th March, 20202020
OC36611314Mr. K Raja MohamedTamilnadu11th to 16th March, 20192019
OC53636850Mr. Kalpesh PatelKarnataka12th to 17th November, 20192019
OC38136509Mr. Krishna MadivalaKarnataka11th to 16th March, 20192019
OC62555563Mr. Lakshmi NarayanTamilnadu12th to 17th November, 20192019
OC29850477Mr. Logesh MTamilnadu12th to 17th November, 20192019
OC52327373Mr. Lok Sainath KKarnataka11th to 16th March, 20192019
OC91787360Mr. Manju Santosh GeorgeKarnataka11th to 16th March, 20192019
OC89529594Mr. Manjunath VKarnataka12th to 17th November, 20192019
OC27143528Mr. Manoj Kumar KhuranaHaryana11th to 16th March, 20192019
OC36838512Mr. Manoj ZadeMaharastra3rd TO 8th March, 20202020
OC41758808Mr. MiglanimanishKarnataka3rd TO 8th March, 20202020
OC15899122Mr. Mohammed ShareefKerala12th to 17th November, 20192019
OC76851599Mr. Naveen Kumar DKarnataka11th to 16th March, 20192019
OC82100594Mr. Ninad AnyapanawarMaharastra12th to 17th November, 20192019
OC25029178Mr. Paresh DeoMaharastra3rd TO 8th March, 20202020
OC19597009Mr. Parthiban P CTamilnadu11th to 16th March, 20192019
OC85561762Mr. RaghuKarnataka3rd TO 8th March, 20202020
OC61535797Mr. Ragu RPuducherry12th to 17th November, 20192019
OC58937303Mr. Rajeswara Rao Venkata AyyalasomayajulaKarnataka11th to 16th March, 20192019
OC72405925Mr. Ramesh M RKarnataka11th to 16th March, 20192019
OC94160662Mr. Ripunjaya T NAndrapradesh12th to 17th November, 20192019
OC58406979Mr. Rony DamorGujarat11th to 16th March, 20192019
OC86116690Mr. Samir LadsariaWestbengal12th to 17th November, 20192019
OC38577429Mr. Santosh Kumar DKarnataka11th to 16th March, 20192019
OC82026209Mr. Shivam PopliHaryana11th to 16th March, 20192019
OC67256076Mr. Shreyas ShreyKarnataka12th to 17th November, 20192019
OC61022176Mr. Shubham MapuskarMaharastra3rd TO 8th March, 20202020
OC31576142Mr. Somnath SarkarWestbengal12th to 17th November, 20192019
OC45059761Mr. Suraj KaviranjanKerala3rd TO 8th March, 20202020
OC30581154Mr. Surendra DivekarMaharastra3rd TO 8th March, 20202020
OC13969699Mr. Swadesh ShahGujarat11th to 16th March, 20192019
OC65533599Mr. Udaya SurianTamilnadu3rd TO 8th March, 20202020
OC21789688Mr. VijaykrishnanKerala12th to 17th November, 20192019
OC77270465Mr. Vijesh NairMaharastra3rd TO 8th March, 20202020
OC86919242Mr. Vinayagaraman ATamilnadu11th to 16th March, 20192019
OC48301717Mr. Vinodh DeosingTamilnadu3rd TO 8th March, 20202020
OC63749231Mr. Viresh AgrawalJarkhand11th to 16th March, 20192019
OC96783497Mr. Vishal MehtaMaharastra3rd TO 8th March, 20202020
OC26306733Mr. Vishal ShirsathMaharastra3rd TO 8th March, 20202020
OC66188472Mr. Vittala G VKarnataka12th to 17th November, 20192019
OC87169206Mr. Vivek DhobleMaharastra3rd TO 8th March, 20202020
OC86944499Ms. Manali RajemahadikMaharastra3rd TO 8th March, 20202020
OC16601728Ms. Pranjal TapkirMaharastra3rd TO 8th March, 20202020
OC19379751Ms. Shraddha GaikarMaharastra3rd TO 8th March, 20202020
OC89542419Ms. Thamaraiselvi MuruganTamilnadu12th to 17th November, 20192019
OC30513756Dr. Veeresh KKarnataka11th to 16th March, 20192019
Serial NumberNameStateDateBatch
PT29625669Mr. Abdul Haq AKerala11th to 13th Dec 20202020
PT43349374Mr. Anil Kumar VKerala11th to 13th Dec 20202020
PT89789452Mr. Arun BalachandranKarnataka11th to 13th Dec 20202020
PT98527439Mr. Arun Bikash MajhiKarnataka11th to 13th Dec 20202020
PT94726357Mr. Gagandeep SinghHaryana11th to 13th Dec 20202020
PT55940694Mr. Harshit SharmaRajasthan11th to 13th Dec 20202020
PT42146624Mr. Jaggi NadigKarnataka11th to 13th Dec 20202020
PT88853825Mr. Nishikant Shirish MehendaleMaharastra11th to 13th Dec 20202020
PT98247503Mr. Rahul MTamilnadu11th to 13th Dec 20202020
PT87597820Mr. Rahul V GKerala11th to 13th Dec 20202020
PT13900832Mr. Ramesh A MKerala11th to 13th Dec 20202020
PT21559466Mr. Sandip Pradip JadhavMaharastra11th to 13th Dec 20202020
PT65318093Mr. V Chandra MouliTelengana11th to 13th Dec 20202020
PT57896677Mr. V Mohan BabuKarnataka11th to 13th Dec 20202020
PT25968442Mr. Valadi Subramanian NarayananKarnataka11th to 13th Dec 20202020
PT25696789Mr. Varun SureshKarnataka11th to 13th Dec 20202020
PT48544928Ms. ChaithaliKarnataka11th to 13th Dec 20202020
PT31881453Ms. Shivani Vilas WalkeMaharashtra11th to 13th Dec 20202020
PT88933381Ms. Shruthi SrinathKarnataka11th to 13th Dec 20202020
PT39378996Ms. Varsha Jalamsing PardeshiMaharashtra11th to 13th Dec 20202020
Serial NumberNameDateStateBatch
ON78521757Mr. Abdul Haq13th to 24th July 2020Kerala2020
ON47783966Mr. Adarsh8th to 20th June, 2020Karnataka2020
ON57074205Mr. Aditya Bhise17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020Maharastra2020
ON20061648Mr. Admina Antony8th to 20th June, 2020Kerala2020
ON71908716Mr. Anant K Apte17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020Maharastra2020
ON41311148Mr. Anil Kumar V13th to 24th July 2020Kerala2020
ON45196591Mr. Anirban Das13th to 24th July 2020Westbengal2020
ON32220593Mr. Anirudh Joshi17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020Maharastra2020
ON73797895Mr. Anupak Xavier5th to 16th October 2020,Kerala2020
ON54726884Mr. Arun Balachandran5th to 16th October 2020,Karnataka2020
ON29733654Mr. Arun Majhi5th to 16th October 2020,Karnataka2020
ON60856363Mr. Arvind Katiyal5th to 16th October 2020,Canada2020
ON20893542Mr. Ashish Natekar8th to 20th June, 2020Maharastra2020
ON21407684Mr. Ashwin P C13th to 24th July 2020Kerala2020
ON88665883Mr. Ashwin Ramesh8th to 20th June, 2020Kerala2020
ON82827684Mr. Balagurusamy8th to 20th June, 2020Tamil Nadu2020
ON87063070Mr. Balamurali8th to 20th June, 2020Tamil Nadu2020
ON42542290Mr. Benjamin Sharma13th to 24th July 2020Assam2020
ON39226509Mr. Bharath13th to 24th July 2020Karnataka2020
ON10931771Mr. C R Rajesh13th to 24th July 2020Kerala2020
ON61992338Mr. Chaithali5th to 16th October 2020,Karnataka2020
ON48629668Mr. Chandan C13th to 24th July 2020Karnataka2020
ON68274327Mr. Charanraj Naik5th to 16th October 2020,UAE2020
ON31241426Mr. Christopher Jaison8th to 20th June, 2020Kerala2020
ON17737930Mr. Deepak Kumar8th to 20th June, 2020Rajasthan2020
ON42067320Mr. Deepak Xavier5th to 16th October 2020,Kerala2020
ON29210370Mr. Devanand5th to 16th October 2020,Maharastra2020
ON27410061Mr. Dhanesh K13th to 24th July 2020Tamilnadu2020
ON61023426Mr. Dilip Parmar13th to 24th July 2020Gujarat2020
ON59882144Mr. Dinesh Babu8th to 20th June, 2020Karnataka2020
ON99520205Mr. Dr. Arindam Biswas13th to 24th July 2020Westbengal2020
ON17899605Mr. Edwin Joseph8th to 20th June, 2020Kerala2020
ON44584900Mr. Gagandeep Singh5th to 16th October 2020,Rajasthan2020
ON63598264Mr. Gama Pegu13th to 24th July 2020Assam2020
ON77705510Mr. Ganesh Rao8th to 20th June, 2020Karnataka2020
ON86590867Mr. Gopinath5th to 16th October 2020,Tamilnadu2020
ON65288412Mr. Gopiraj R R13th to 24th July 2020Tamilnadu2020
ON69922073Mr. Gowtham13th to 24th July 2020Karnataka2020
ON87078321Mr. Harish Shrinivas Moger8th to 20th June, 2020Karnataka2020
ON15659908Mr. Harshit Sharma13th to 24th July 2020Rajasthan2020
ON90028945Mr. Heikrujum8th to 20th June, 2020Meghalaya2020
ON82148070Mr. Himal Karkal17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020Tamil Nadu2020
ON79936680Mr. Irfan Khan13th to 24th July 2020Karnataka2020
ON71062603Mr. J.Ramesh Lesley8th to 20th June, 2020Puducherry2020
ON53424658Mr. Jaggi Nadig5th to 16th October 2020,Karnataka2020
ON32334118Mr. Jaineel13th to 24th July 2020Gujarat2020
ON98523173Mr. Jawad13th to 24th July 2020Maharastra2020
ON95473199Mr. Jayaprakash8th to 20th June, 2020Andrapradesh2020
ON27617909Mr. Jayaraj13th to 24th July 2020Tamilnadu2020
ON48575239Mr. Jithin A V5th to 16th October 2020,Kerala2020
ON63042478Mr. Joshi Cherian17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020Chattisgarh2020
ON89356943Mr. Joshua8th to 20th June, 2020Tamil Nadu2020
ON41666078Mr. Justin8th to 20th June, 2020Kerala2020
ON47486398Mr. Kalyan Kumar8th to 20th June, 2020Tamil Nadu2020
ON37968004Mr. Karthik B Kamath13th to 24th July 2020Karnataka2020
ON24177991Mr. Kuldeep Singh8th to 20th June, 2020Oman2020
ON21434671Mr. Lakshmi Narasappa13th to 24th July 2020Karnataka2020
ON41845230Mr. Mahendra Reddy13th to 24th July 2020Karnataka2020
ON49933556Mr. Mahesh Dalvi8th to 20th June, 2020Maharastra2020
ON71208164Mr. Mahesh V8th to 20th June, 2020Karnataka2020
ON26245246Mr. Manoj8th to 20th June, 2020Tamil Nadu2020
ON73517990Mr. Manoj Mukkattu13th to 24th July 2020Saudi Arabia2020
ON57412595Mr. Manuel8th to 20th June, 2020Columbia2020
ON56189797Dr. Malsawmkima5th to 16th October 2020,Mizoram2020
ON54818108Mr. Mathew John Paul17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020Tamil Nadu2020
ON29138983Mr. Mathivanan8th to 20th June, 2020Tamil Nadu2020
ON76421700Mr. Mayur Kamble5th to 16th October 2020,Maharastra2020
ON99857065Mr. Melvin Minoy5th to 16th October 2020,Kerala2020
ON40115340Mr. Mihir Abhijit Behere8th to 20th June, 2020Maharastra2020
ON57996854Mr. Mihir Ratanjankar8th to 20th June, 2020Maharastra2020
ON65897678Mr. Mohmmedali Somji13th to 24th July 2020Maharastra2020
ON68889051Mr. Mudhasir8th to 20th June, 2020Tamil Nadu2020
ON46822174Mr. Murugesh13th to 24th July 2020Tamilnadu2020
ON82782000Mr. Muthuvel8th to 20th June, 2020Tamil Nadu2020
ON88851440Mr. Naorem Roben Singh17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020Manipur2020
ON73765628Mr. Narayanan5th to 16th October 2020,Karnataka2020
ON50757660Mr. Neel Surana8th to 20th June, 2020Maharastra2020
ON22278347Mr. Niranjan Keskar8th to 20th June, 2020Maharastra2020
ON77847754Mr. Nirmal13th to 24th July 2020Tamilnadu2020
ON11014197Mr. Nishikant Mehendale8th to 20th June, 2020Maharastra2020
ON67703173Mr. Paladugu Gopinadh5th to 16th October 2020,UAE2020
ON78434620Mr. Parijat R Natu13th to 24th July 2020Maharastra2020
ON54321065Mr. Paritosh13th to 24th July 2020Maharastra2020
ON27615024Mr. Pavan5th to 16th October 2020,Andhra Pradesh2020
ON14840703Mr. Prabal Saikia17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020Westbengal2020
ON46881931Mr. Prabhas8th to 20th June, 2020Andrapradesh2020
ON88189258Mr. Pradeep – CRY8th to 20th June, 2020Westbengal2020
ON47699899Mr. Pramod Kumar17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020Qatar2020
ON28180797Mr. Pranav Behere8th to 20th June, 2020Maharastra2020
ON20486026Mr. Pranay Jadhav5th to 16th October 2020,Maharastra2020
ON33650910Mr. Praveen Achuthan8th to 20th June, 2020Kerala2020
ON60245823Mr. Praveen Kommineni13th to 24th July 2020Maharastra2020
ON69568664Mr. Rahul Kumar5th to 16th October 2020,Jharkhand2020
ON92112328Mr. Rahul V G8th to 20th June, 2020Kerala2020
ON91713745Mr. Rahul.M5th to 16th October 2020,Tamilnadu2020
ON92007371Mr. Rajatanand17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020Haryana2020
ON30540836Mr. Rajnesh Dagar13th to 24th July 2020Rajasthan2020
ON72052773Mr. Ramachandra Panda13th to 24th July 2020Orrissa2020
ON93670307Mr. Ramesh8th to 20th June, 2020Kerala2020
ON77318442Mr. Ramesh8th to 20th June, 2020Karnataka2020
ON62047150Mr. Rohit Manjeet Singh8th to 20th June, 2020Maharastra2020
ON30295855Mr. Rohit P Kamble8th to 20th June, 2020Karnataka2020
ON24820749Mr. Rohit Sharma8th to 20th June, 2020Maharastra2020
ON15568199Mr. Rohith K Victor8th to 20th June, 2020Kerala2020
ON71161839Mr. Roy8th to 20th June, 2020Kerala2020
ON41700857Mr. S. Gurunathan17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020Karnataka’2020
ON31469157Mr. Sahil13th to 24th July 2020Maharastra2020
ON66084216Mr. Saikat Mukherjee13th to 24th July 2020Westbengal2020
ON83792086Mr. Sami Sheikh13th to 24th July 2020Madhyapradesh2020
ON73129182Mr. Sandip Pradip Jadhav17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020Maharastra2020
ON51159882Mr. Sanjay Singh17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020Punjab2020
ON28772431Mr. Santhosh Anant17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020Karnataka’2020
ON95033747Mr. Santhosh Joshi17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020Maharastra2020
ON66954853Mr. Satish Das13th to 24th July 2020Westbengal2020
ON76332807Mr. Shantakumar13th to 24th July 2020Karnataka2020
ON56860089Mr. Sharath Prakash8th to 20th June, 2020Tamil Nadu2020
ON88105164Mr. Sheetal8th to 20th June, 2020Karnataka2020
ON75138830Mr. Sheetal5th to 16th October 2020,UAE2020
ON15588130Mr. Shrinu Akulapeeli8th to 20th June, 2020Andrapradesh2020
ON38886392Mr. Shubham Yuvraj Patil5th to 16th October 2020,Maharastra2020
ON20196993Mr. Siba Prasad5th to 16th October 2020,Haryana2020
ON73841475Mr. Siddharth Wagh13th to 24th July 2020Maharastra2020
ON88327848Mr. Sivasamy Senniappan13th to 24th July 2020Tamilnadu2020
ON37866060Mr. Soaham Ashish Kulkarni17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020Maharastra2020
ON67982394Mr. Soby Philip17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020Tamil Nadu2020
ON40262976Mr. Somesh Pandit13th to 24th July 2020UAE2020
ON66424697Mr. Subroto Dev17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020Westbengal2020
ON91311599Mr. Sudarshan13th to 24th July 2020Karnataka2020
ON27034983Mr. Sushanth Bhat17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020Karnataka’2020
ON70804889Mr. Swamy5th to 16th October 2020,Karnataka2020
ON83088425Mr. Tanmay Banerjee13th to 24th July 2020Westbengal2020
ON36842952Mr. Tejas13th to 24th July 2020Karnataka2020
ON29376320Mr. Theoder Nethran13th to 24th July 2020Tamilnadu2020
ON63611727Mr. Uday Sane13th to 24th July 2020Maharastra2020
ON33312455Mr. Uzair Ahmad8th to 20th June, 2020Kashmir2020
ON36354584Mr. Varun5th to 16th October 2020,Tamilnadu2020
ON87900222Mr. Varun5th to 16th October 2020,Karnataka2020
ON86131537Mr. Vemula Chandramouli17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020Hyderabad2020
ON52310620Mr. Vignesh Prasanna13th to 24th July 2020Tamilnadu2020
ON89290188Mr. Vijay8th to 20th June, 2020Tamil Nadu2020
ON58006492Mr. Vijaya Mehta13th to 24th July 2020Westbengal2020
ON79252660Mr. Vijeesh Vijayan8th to 20th June, 2020Maharastra2020
ON75474879Mr. Vijesh17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020Kerala2020
ON69451894Mr. Vikas8th to 20th June, 2020Haryana2020
ON15095595Mr. Vikas17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020Karnataka’2020
ON54758274Mr. Vikramaditya Chauflekar17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020Maharastra2020
ON87302470Mr. Vikrant Kushwaha13th to 24th July 2020Maharastra2020
ON55144626Mr. Vinod Kumar8th to 20th June, 2020Tamil Nadu2020
ON41744665Mr. Virendra R Talreja13th to 24th July 2020Maharastra2020
ON82194835Mr. Vishal Shashi8th to 20th June, 2020Gujarat2020
ON46213111Mr. Yathiraj8th to 20th June, 2020Karnataka2020
ON64884733Mr. Yesudas Saake17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020Andrapradesh2020
ON87694650Ms. Ashitha Jonny17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020Kerala2020
ON47543536Ms. Gayatri Vartak5th to 16th October 2020,Maharastra2020
ON25213242Ms. Janarthani8th to 20th June, 2020Tamil Nadu2020
ON19209927Ms. Nitkita Kachrola8th to 20th June, 2020Maharastra2020
ON27513900Ms. Rina Biswas13th to 24th July 2020Westbengal2020
ON71503843Ms. Saee Kiran Purandare17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020Maharastra2020
ON32466087Ms. Sheetal Gowda17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020UAE2020
ON54181664Ms. Shivani walke17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020Maharastra2020
ON71662990Ms. Shruthi Srinath5th to 16th October 2020,Karnataka2020
ON51628689Ms. Sudeshna Ghosh13th to 24th July 2020Westbengal2020
ON75336043Ms. Surbhita Rathore17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020Rajasthan2020
ON97283577Ms. Varsha Shirpur17th to 29th AUGUST, 2020Maharastra2020
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