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Online Badminton Coaching

Badminton is a globally renowned sport that requires a mix of speed, power, agility, endurance, and intellect. Our online badminton coaching program focuses on the finer aspects of the game to supplement your on-court training.
Online Badminton Coaching in india
Get the Right Guidance to Improve your Game at PSM

Get the Right Guidance to Improve your Game at PSM

Our Online Badminton Training program will equip you with the knowledge to understand the game of badminton better and also judge your opponent’s mindset. It will provide you with concise yet comprehensive information to improve your game and condition your mind to play better. 

Players at all levels of the game can benefit from the online learning module to supplement their on-court training. Even beginners can enrol for the course to start playing with the proper guidance and training before enrolling for a comprehensive training program at a Padukone sports management centre nearby.

Padukone sports management can help you to learn, grow, and excel in your badminton game, by teaching you the comprehensive set of skills required for success.

A Holistic Training Approach

If you want to play well, you need to train your body and mind, both. Badminton requires a lot of flexibility and extreme coordination between your limbs, eyes, and brain. The demanding nature of the sport also requires you to focus on nutrition to stay agile and fit.

Our online training program follows a holistic methodology to acquaint you with the soft aspects of the game and improve your basic technique, footwork, and gameplay.

A Holistic Training Approach

A Power-Packed Online Badminton
Training Program

Flexible timming of badminton coaching for
Flexible Timings

Learn the nuances of the game at your own pace from the comfort of your home.

Supplement your online badminton coaching
Supplement Your Training

This scientifically designed program gives you in-depth information about various aspects of the game to help you play better.

Online badminton coaching for all age groups
Suitable for all Age Groups

Both kids and adults will benefit from this concise yet comprehensive training module that brings out the finer aspects of the game.

Start playing badminton at any age
Start Playing Anytime

Padukone sports management offers suitable training programs for both kids and adults. Our training programs are ideal for beginners and experts, and you don’t need any prior experience to start playing with us.

Online Training for Badminton


The online training program is a unique program that will help you develop your game by understanding the various components of training and how they fit into your routine. It will help you structure your practice better and reap more significant returns. 

A Sneak Peek into Online Coaching Program

Here’s a peek into our online coaching program filled with modulated knowledge and practice exercises.

Program Overview

The online badminton coaching program is a great way to supplement your practice and improve your game.
Different Training Levels

We offer different levels of training to suit your requirements and interests.

Highly-Trained Coaches

Learn the technical and tactical aspects of the game from India’s finest coaches. 

A New Fitness Approach

Playing badminton is a fun way to stay fit and healthy. Sweat it out in our online coaching program with well-planned fitness sessions.

Sports Psychology and Nutrition

Interact with renowned nutritionists and sports Badminton World Federation, its psychologists to build a strong foundation to help you push your game to the best of your ability.

Badminton Program Levels

Each program is tailored to cater to a different level of badminton expertise. Each player fits in one of the following levels:


Pick up the Racquet

38 Centres

Monthly, Quarterly, or Semi-Annually

  • Assigned Dedicated Coaches
  • Focus: Teaching the basic fundamentals of holding a grip, basic footwork & under arm strokes
  • Introduction to: Balancing and coordination drills are taught
  • Progression: Players should be able to progress to difficult tasks in a span of 6-8 months


Get Smashing

35 Centres

Monthly, Quarterly, or Semi-Annually

  • Assigned Dedicated Coaches
  • Focus: Teaching the basic fundamentals of holding a grip, basic footwork & under arm strokes
  • Introduction to: Full court strokes and agility training
  • Progression: Players move to holistic game training after working on their strokes
  • Physical Training
  • Tournament Preparation


Become a Pro

7 Centres

Reach out for details about the Residential Program

  • Focus: Identifying & analysing the strengths & areas of improvement of each player
  • Progression: 2-3 sessions per day, with a solid framework for the growing training schedule
  • Rigorous physical fitness & gym sessions
  • Dedicated trainer & physiotherapist available
  • Hostel, food & transport facilities are provided
  • Based on merit, players get opportunities to play games with elite players at the Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy
All our Program Level includes:
  • Dedicated coaches with a coach to player ratio of 1:8
  • Report Cards with progress
  • Nutrition tips
  • Injury prevention and recover guidance
  • Internal Games Day
  • Access to Tournaments
  • Reaction specific exercises
  • Interaction with our Head Coach
  • Timely Assessments

Get Started with Exclusive Badminton
Lessons at PSM

Padukone sports management offers unparalleled training for badminton enthusiasts of all age groups and levels. join our premier badminton academy to ignite a passionate love for the game of badminton and ace it with the proper guidance and technique.


Choose What Program Suits you Best

Browse our programs to select the best fit for yourself or your child. Padukone sports management offers a wide variety of badminton training programs for different age groups, interests, and skill levels for you to choose from.


Get in Touch

If you’re feeling confused, give us a call on 7848883344 to speak with one of our expert badminton coaches to pick the right training program.


Attend a Trial Class

Before enrolling at our world-class badminton academy, you can ask for a trial class to begin your exciting journey.


On-court and Online Training

In 2020, we supplemented our unparalleled on-court training with virtual training programs to meet the changing scenario.


Get Started

Once you’ve selected the training program and mode of your choice, all you have to do is decide on a date and get started on a transformative journey of world-class badminton coaching.

Not Sure About Which Course to Join?

We will help you pick a tailored training program that will give you the best results in the least possible time.

Join our Online Badminton Coaching Program Today!

Improve your game from the comfort of your home with our scientifically planned training program. New batches start every Monday.

Join Our Online Badminton Coaching Program Today!


Learn the proper technique for your favorite sport from India’s best coaches
Aditya Prakash

Head Coach, Padukone Sports Management

Aditya brings immense experience to the team from his training stints at the Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy and Gopichand Academy. 

Coach Aditya Prakash
Manjesh C. Prabhu

Senior Coach, Padukone Sports Management

Manjesh is a BWF Level 1 certified coach from Dubai, UAE. He started playing at the age of seven, coached by Mr. Ramesh Padukone and later Mr. Narayanswamy, who was Prakash Padukone’s sparring partner.

Coach Manjesh Prabhu
Ganesh Rao

Senior Coach

Ganesh has worked with popular badminton academies and trained several national and state-level players. In addition, he is a BWF Level – 1 certified coach & shuttle-time tutor.

Coach Gowtham Nayak
Makarand Deo

Senior Coach

A proven trainer with 30+ years of coaching under his belt. Makarand’s specialty lies in upgrading players from their current level to the next.

Coach Dhanesh K



I would like to thank Padukone sports management and the coaches for conducting HIGH STANDARD badminton training programs. Hailing from a non-sport family we were surprised to see our son, Pranav develops an interest in badminton which is pure because of the Padukone sports management training curriculum and the facilities.

R Priya

Our first impression of Padukone sports management is something that we still remember today. We had been introduced to the best of its class facilities here and we’re really hoping our daughter would be getting into a place that would bring the best out of her.

Dr.J. Vijayakumar

The changes in my daughter’s outlook are in her off-court life too. We are looking forward to her not just finding mentors and better skills but also friends and a fun-filled enriching experience.

Mrs. Vijayakumar

My daughter, Ritika Paliath is fortunate to be in an academy of the Padukone sports management caliber. She has been training here for more than two years now. She has emerged from her shadows to become a star in our eyes. We have seen her grow as a player and more importantly as an individual. 

Ranjith Paliath

Explaining the Difference: On-Court and Online

The same knowledge; dispersed differently

On court badminton coaching

On-Court Coaching

For parents who wish for their children to build a career in sports or play professionally, our on-court coaching programs are ideally suited for game progression with features like:

  • Constant mentoring by a professional coach
  • A limited number of players per court
  • Continuous assessments for on-court and off-court skills
  • Focus on perfecting the techniques
  • Regular exercise and training to build stamina and agility for the sport
Online badminton coaching

Online Coaching

In 2020, we introduced online coaching to meet the demands of the changing world scenario. Our online coaching programs are scientifically designed and offer a complete training package focusing on technical knowledge, fitness sessions, nutrition, meditation, sports psychology, and the theory of the game.

Frequently Asked Question

Where do I get more information about the programs?

We have all the information for each program available on their specific pages. From the effectiveness of the program to registration details, everything is available. And for any further questions, you can always speak to our team.

Does the same coaching team train all individuals?

We have a coaching staff that comprises of different kinds of experts ranging from ex-players turned coaches to technical directors with decades of experience. For all the various programs, we have a different set of coaches who perform functions to the best of their expertise.rn

I’m not sure about registering yet. Can you inform me about upcoming programs?

We completely understand! If you would like to hear about our future programs in general or are interested in a particular program, we urge you to sign up for our newsletter to get in touch with you for the same.rn

I want to build a badminton court, can you help me?

You may have heard that apart from on-court and online coaching, we also provide badminton infrastructure consultancy. To know more, please write to us at padukonesports@gmail.comrn


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“I would like to thank Padukone sports management and the coaches for conducting HIGH STANDARD badminton training programs. Hailing from a non-sport family we were surprised to see our son, Pranav  develop an interest in badminton which is pure because of the Padukone sports management training curriculum and the facilities.”

R Priya