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Padukone Sports Management Badminton Programs

Padukone Sports Management Badminton Programs

Launching Now in Gurgaon @ ‘Spuddy Badminton | Gurgaon – Sector 48

Prakash Padukone established Padukone Sports Management with the goal of ‘badminton for all’. Together with his team team of veterans he has created a unique training system, based on the experience acquired during their years in badminton as players as well as coaches. This method includes the formation on values that, without a doubt, have been a fundamental element for the achievement of his triumphs.

PSM has now started coaching in Gurgaon with strong infrastructure, so that the students can continue their badminton dreams without sacrifice their academic studies.

PSM is very focused on children and young adults’ foundation, but it also counts with different training programs for adults, all them adapted to the level and needs of each player.

Badminton Programs by Level

Each program is tailored to cater to a different level of badminton expertise. Each player fits in one of the following levels. While this is a brief overview, our coaches at the venue will assess the player on day 1 and suggest the learning roadmap.


Pick up the Racquet

Monthly, Quarterly, or Semi-Annually

  • Assigned Dedicated Coaches
  • Focus: Teaching the basic fundamentals of holding a grip, basic footwork & strokes
  • Introduction to: Balancing and coordination drills are taught
  • Progression: Players should be able to progress to difficult tasks in a span of 6-8 months


Get Smashing

Monthly, Quarterly, or Semi-Annually

  • Assigned and dedicated coaches with national experience
  • Focus: Teaching slightly more advanced strokes and routines
  • Strength workouts are more intense
  • Introduction of singles and doubles coaching
  • Introduction to: Full court strokes and agility training
  • Progression: Players move to holistic game training after working on their strokes
  • Physical Training
  • Tournament Preparation

Adult Programs

Become a Pro

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Get the best badminton coaching from India’s finest coaches at Prakash Padukone Sports Management.


“I would like to thank Padukone sports management and the coaches for conducting high standard badminton training programs. Hailing from a non-sport family we were surprised to see our son, Pranav  develop an interest in badminton which is pure because of the Padukone sports management training curriculum and the facilities.”

R Priya