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Badminton Coach Certification

Padukone sports management offers an in-depth badminton coaching program for badminton players who wish to explore a career in the field of coaching. The program combines the technical and soft skills required to be an effective coach. Following the insights of the legendary Prakash Padukone the program trains and equips players with all the knowledge and expertise to pursue a successful career as a badminton coach. 
badminton coaching certification in india


Become a Certified Badminton Coach

Explore a Unique Career Opportunity as a Badminton Coach

Badminton has always been a much-loved sport in India, but its popularity has grown manifold in the last decade. Amidst the surge of badminton players, courts, and tournaments, a severe shortage of experienced and trained badminton coaches has been observed. 

Padukone sports management aims to bridge this gap by providing internationally acclaimed training to both coaches and players. The program is based on the Badminton World Federation Level 1 and Shuttle Time Module, along with our experience.

Explore a fruitful career in the world of badminton with the Coach Certification Program at Padukone sports management.

Padukone sports management can help you to learn, grow, and excel in your badminton game, by teaching you the comprehensive set of skills required for success.

A Holistic Training Approach

A great coach not just focuses on technique or footwork but also helps players improve their nutrition and condition the mind. The coach certification program is designed to equip any badminton enthusiast with the basics to work as a badminton coach in a highly competitive industry.

We follow international standards augmented by our personal insights to deliver impactful training to participants. In addition, a certificate of completion is awarded to all coaches to help jumpstart their careers. 

badminton training development program

Get Coached to Coach With the Best!

Dynamic mix badminton training
A Dynamic Mix

The training includes both theory and demonstrations in a structured manner to augment your learning.

Training and Nutrition
Training and Nutrition

Our program covers insights on physical exercise, sports nutrition, and first aid injury management.

Get certified
Get Certified

All coaches receive a certificate of completion and an opportunity to interact with Prakash Padukone to learn from their personal experiences. 

Building the New-Generation of Badminton Coaches


At Padukone sports management, we are committed to taking the game of badminton to every individual in the country. To fulfill this goal, we have introduced an insightful coach training program for badminton enthusiasts across the country.

The unique program combines demonstrations and theory, with a focus on various aspects like nutrition, physical training, and first aid management to give our coaches a holistic view of the practice.

A Sneak Peek Into our Coach Certification Program

Here’s a peek into our impactful coaching program dedicated to creating expert badminton coaches all over India.

Program Overview

With the booming badminton scene in India, we have seen an exponential rise of players and coaches. As a result, there is now more demand than supply for qualified service providers like yourself who would love to work with this fast-growing sport!
The PSM Way

A fun way to get in shape, the Badminton Training Academy offers an interactive class that’s based on international standards. It also includes shuttle time and module training with our expert coaches!

BWF Level 1 + Shuttle Time

This program is designed to help you improve your match play and singles game. It takes into account the Badminton World Federation Level 1, Shuttle Time Module along with our experience!

Beginner Level Program

This program is designed in a way to cater not only expert players but also to enthusiasts who are looking for an introduction to badminton.

Join Our Team

The number of participants who have completed the program is growing. We now have 311 people from all over India, including large cities and smaller towns where we work!

Badminton Program Levels

Each program is tailored to cater to a different level of badminton expertise. Each player fits in one of the following levels:


Pick up the Racquet

45 Centres

Monthly, Quarterly, or Semi-Annually

  • Assigned Dedicated Coaches
  • Focus: Teaching the basic fundamentals of holding a grip, basic footwork & under arm strokes
  • Introduction to: Balancing and coordination drills are taught
  • Progression: Players should be able to progress to difficult tasks in a span of 6-8 months


Get Smashing

12+ Centres

Monthly, Quarterly, or Semi-Annually

  • Assigned Dedicated Coaches
  • Focus: Teaching the basic fundamentals of holding a grip, basic footwork & under arm strokes
  • Introduction to: Full court strokes and agility training
  • Progression: Players move to holistic game training after working on their strokes
  • Physical Training
  • Tournament Preparation

High Performance Training

Become a Pro

Only at Bangalore

Reach out for details about the Residential Program

  • Focus: Identifying & analysing the strengths & areas of improvement of each player
  • Progression: 2-3 sessions per day, with a solid framework for the growing training schedule
  • Rigorous physical fitness & gym sessions
  • Dedicated trainer & physiotherapist available
  • Hostel, food & transport facilities are provided
  • Based on merit, players get opportunities to play games with elite players at the Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy
All our Program Level includes:
  • Dedicated coaches with a coach to player ratio of 1:8
  • Report Cards with progress
  • Nutrition tips
  • Injury prevention and recover guidance
  • Internal Games Day
  • Access to Tournaments
  • Reaction specific exercises
  • Interaction with our Head Coach
  • Timely Assessments

Get Started with Exclusive Badminton
Lessons at PSM

Padukone sports management offers online badminton training at home and on-court for players of all age groups and levels. Join our badminton academy to ignite a passionate love for the game of badminton and ace it with the proper guidance and technique.


Finalize the Program

The certification program is open to all. Whether you’re a former or current player, a coach of any level that wants to perfect their coaching technique, and even referees who want an inside look at what goes on when they step away from the sidelines – everyone has participated in this class!


Speak to Our Team​

If you have any questions about our program, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our coaches and managers are always available to help!


Choose between Online and On-Court

The program is currently offered at the Padukone-Dravid Centre, but we are expanding! You can take this class virtually from anywhere in just about any setting that you feel comfortable with.

Choose a Date to Start

Why wait? Pick your start date and time now. We have a variety of available batches that you can choose from, so find the one best suited just for YOU!

Join our Badminton Coach Certification Program Today!

If you’re passionate about badminton, here’s your opportunity to explore a career as a badminton coach with our certified training program. 

Join Our Badminton Coach Certification Program Today!


Get trained from the best in the business.
Narendra Ubhayakar

Senior Technical Consultant

As a player, Mr. Ubhayakar represented India in the World Masters in Brisbane (1994) and the United States (1998). He was the Coach for the Karnataka State Badminton team for several years. Presently the Chief Coach at the Canara Union Charitable Trust, Mr. Ubhayakar has been associated with Padukone Sports Management since 2015 in various capacities.

Coach Narendra-Ubhayakar
Balachandran T R

Course Coordinator

Balan Sir as he is so fondly called, was a Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy Coach from 1995 to 2014 coaching Olympians like Gopi Chand, Aparna Popat, Anup Sridhar, Ashwini Ponnappa, etc. Amongst his accolades, belong to both BWF Level 1 (2016) as well as Level 2 Certification (2019). He is also a qualified Shuttle Time Teacher.

Coach Balachandran TR
Aditya Prakash

Padukone Sports Management Head Coach

A former Junior National Champion and Sr. International Player as well as the Chief Coach of Padukone sports management, Aditya is also an alumnus of Olympic Gold Quest(OGQ) Coaches Excellence Program 2019-20. Aditya is an alumnus of the famous Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy and is considered one of the most technically sound players of the game. 

Aditya Prakash
Ravi Kumar


A certified practitioner, Ravi is a sports physiotherapist with a great understanding of the sport and the injuries that come with it.  He has been the official physiotherapist for badminton and football tournaments across the country. From dry needling to new certifications, Ravi is up-to-date and help athletes with recovery and injury prevention

Coach Ravi Kumar



I hail from Trivandrum, Kerala, and have been a player for the last 14 years. Over the past year, I have been trying to get focused on the coaching aspect and that’s how I came to join this course. From day one, the mentors of this program have been so professional to guide us and give us insights from a basic level. The theory, learning videos are so well arranged and the contents are of top quality along with the expertise of the mentors. I’m so glad to be a part of this program and looking forward to the coming sessions!

Coach Certificate Program Participant.

The course is well designed in such a way that a newcomer to the coaching can learn and become an expert in training beginners. Explanation and Coordination are simply super.

Ubhayakar Sir and Balan Sir are simply super in presentation and knowledge. Mr. Aditya coordinates very well. Hats off to the team.

Coach Certificate Program Participant.

Thanks to all the coaches … Aditya sir, Balan sir, despite not being an expert in handling English I have learned a lot with you.

I would like to continue learning from your great experience as a coach and make all that knowledge possible apply to my boys here in Colombia.

Coach Certificate Program Participant.

All teachers are so patient. I felt so good to take knowledge from them. Aditya sir’s court description is awesome. Balan and Ubhayakar sir are awesome in the technical line.

I feel so grateful for the Padukone Sports Management’s Coach Certification Program.

Coach Certificate Program Participant.

Thank you so much Aditya Prakash sir for being a wonderful coach at Padukone Sports Management. You have inspired me a lot. The class is really amazing. You have provided me with the tools that will help me excel as a badminton coach. Thank you for being an amazing coach and for all the great lessons you have shared with us.

Coach Certificate Program Participant.

Balan Sir and Ubhayakar Sir Years of experience show up in your explanations. Your desire to help us learn better through different examples is simply awesome. I am already a big fan of Balan sir.

Coach Certificate Program Participant.

Balan sir gave us one important takeaway from the coach certification program. He mentioned that it is important to keep smiling no matter what comes your way! I believe apart from all the technical & tactical learnings, this is the most important lesson. Thank you Balan sir & Ubhayakar Sir for being there as our mentors. It has been a great opportunity to learn from you.

Coach Certificate Program Participant.

Explaining the Difference: On-Court and Online

The same knowledge; dispersed differently

On court badminton coaching

On-Court Coaching

For parents who wish for their children to build a career in sports or play professionally, our on-court coaching programs are ideally suited for game progression with features like:

  • Constant mentoring by a professional coach
  • Limited number of players per court
  • Continuous assessments for on-court and off-court skills
  • Focus on perfecting the techniques
  • Regular exercise and training to build stamina and agility for the sport
Online badminton coaching

Online Coaching

In 2020, we introduced online coaching to meet the demands of the changing world scenario. Our online coaching programs are scientifically designed and offer a complete training package focusing on technical knowledge, fitness sessions, nutrition, meditation, sports psychology, and the theory of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get more information about the programs?

We have all the information for each program available on their specific pages. From the effectiveness of the program to registration details, everything is available. And for any further questions, you can always speak to our team.

Does the same coaching team train all individuals?

We have a coaching staff that comprises of different kinds of experts ranging from ex-players turned coaches to technical directors with decades of experience. For all the various programs, we have a different set of coaches who perform functions to the best of their expertise.rn

I’m not sure about registering yet. Can you inform me about upcoming programs?

We completely understand! If you would like to hear about our future programs in general or are interested in a particular program, We urge you to drop a mail

I want to build a badminton court, can you help me?

You may have heard that apart from on-court and online coaching, we also provide badminton infrastructure consultancy. To know more, please write to us at connect@padukonesportsmanagement.com


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“I would like to thank Padukone sports management and the coaches for conducting high standard badminton training programs. Hailing from a non-sport family we were surprised to see our son, Pranav  develop an interest in badminton which is pure because of the Padukone sports management training curriculum and the facilities.”

R Priya

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