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A message to parents From Prakash Padukone

importance of sport at an early age.

Most parents probably wonder what the right age is for a child to start playing a sport. While there are no hard and fast rules to this, starting early is always advisable. In fact, I would go to the extent of suggesting that a child can accompany a parent playing a sport right from the age of 3 or 4.The child need not start playing a sport at that age, but the idea is to get the child interested in sport. Then, depending on the sport, they can ideally start playing from age 6 or 7. Ideally, a child should be exposed to 2-3 different sports just to get a feel of that particular sport. Then, depending on the ability and interest of the child one can start specializing in a particular sport from age 9 or 10.

It is said that the ideal way to initiate a child into sports is to start with 3 basic sports – Athletics, Gymnastics, and Swimming. We call them the mother of all sports. There are two major advantages in this (1) You can be involved in these 3 sports from a very young age (2) It lays a strong physical foundation for the child to take up any other sport of his or her choice as they grow a little older. Unfortunately in India though, not many parents are aware of this and therefore push their children into playing a sport that the parents enjoy. This ideally, should be avoided to the extent possible.

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kids can pick up a racquet as early as 3 years old

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WHat parents need to know

There are many aspects to keep in mind for parents as the role of the parent is critical in the journey of children in sport. Unfortunately not everyone is aware of how to navigate this journey. PSM has chalked out a few points. Reach out to us and we’ll be glad to help you in this exciting journey. 

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Some of the common questions that parents with kids under the age of 6 ask us. 

Common Questions

Taking part in sport has got enormous advantages. It enables the child to interact and play
with children and adults in safe surroundings. They will be physically active and will have good appetite and sleep. It will also enable them to stay away from bad habits like video games, and eating excessive junk food. Sport teaches children the value of hard work and perseverance and to take defeats in their stride and to move on. 

You can’t force sport on any child. Watching parents play some game is the best way to make a child interested in sport. They will feel that sport is an integral part of their lives and once they start, hardly any kid will be able to keep away from it. However, there will be a minority of children who will not have any inclination for sport. Even after trying out several sports, if your child is not keen to play, you should try out other hobbies in the creative fields. 
In the initial stages, there is no sure shot way of knowing which is the sport for your child. It is better to try out several sports as may be practical to find their passion. It will take some time for any child to find their passion. Also, continuously playing a sport will make the child interested in it as well. A little later, a good coach will be able to tell you whether there are any fatal flaws in your child (like flat feet, speed qualities, height etc) which prevents them from being a reasonably good player in that particular sport. Then, maybe, you should switch before it is too late.

Badminton is not a very difficult game to pick up but, it is a very technical sport. Children pick up the basics of Badminton in 6 months to one year, provided they are regularly attending classes which are not less than 60 minutes a day over at least 3-4 days a week.

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