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Read how our participants are getting benefitted from transformative badminton coaching programs we run at Padukone Sports Management
Himanshu has greatly benefited from the personalized attention and professional coaching at Padukone sports management. The coaches are led by top-notch world champions and the entire coaching program is world-class. Infrastructure is awesome and the focus is on the all-around development of the player. 

Amit Desai

I would like to thank Padukone sports management and the coaches for conducting high standard badminton training programs. Hailing from a non-sport family we were surprised to see our son, Pranav develops an interest in badminton which is pure because of the Padukone sports management training curriculum and the facilities.

R. Priya

My daughter, Ritika Paliath is fortunate to be in an academy of the Padukone sports management caliber. She has been training here for more than two years now. She has emerged from her shadows to become a star in our eyes. We have seen her grow as a player and more importantly as an individual. 

Ranjith Paliath

I have been training here under “Padukone sports management (PSM)” in a high-performance batch for more than 3 years with successful achievements. I am proud to say that Padukone sports management has helped me a lot in improving my Game positively in these years.  

Nayan Tak

The academy has given our kids to have a boundless exposure in meeting so many national and international players in and around the globe. Coach Mr.Aditya Prakash and his team always put forth their wholesome and wholehearted efforts to bring our kids to reach heights to bring laurels to our nation.

Nikhil Dane

Ms. Pramila stands unique in shouldering up the residential players, rendering familial care and concern towards each player. On the whole, the academy provides a  firm foundation for a player who aims to shine for our nation.

Twinkle Dane

Our first impression of Padukone sports management is something that we still remember today. We had been introduced to the best of its class facilities here and we’re really hoping our daughter would be getting into a place that would bring the best out of her.

Dr.J. Vijayakumar

The changes in my daughter’s outlook are in her off-court life too. We are looking forward to her not just finding mentors and better skills but also friends and a fun-filled enriching experience.

Mrs. Vijayakumar

The course is well designed in such a way that a new coaching person can learn and become an expert in training beginners. Explanation and Coordination are simply super. Ubhayaker Sir and Balan Sir are simply super in presentation and knowledge. Mr.Aditya coordinates very well. Hats off to the team.

Coach Certificate Program Participant.

It was my pleasure to write a review of the badminton coaching received by my son Akash D and about prakash badminton academy in Uttarahalli
The facilities at prakash academy are excellent and maintained on par with the international standards. The courts and the changing rooms are kept very clean. The smart way of recording the coaching period was very unique in this place.
Mr. Yogesh Rao is an excellent coach: he listened to Akash patiently and always gave enough time to ask relevant questions. Akash very much enjoyed the time when he was coached which resulted in correction of many basic mistakes. Mr Yogesh Rao coaching skills are at a very high standard.
I would recommend Yogesh Rao to any parent who is a keen on learning and improving their kids’ badminton skills. Mr Prakash has passion for this sport and makes and he makes sure every player has been looked after well in his academy. All the very best!!

Dr Sridhar.


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