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It is said that sport is the ultimate teacher. I often think of everything it has taught me: humility, persistence and focus being some of the lessons. During my many years of playing badminton at the highest level, I’ve learnt lessons on the court that have helped shape my life off the court. In this section, I will be sharing some of those lessons I learnt that I hope will help future generations as they navigate many of life’s challenges both on and off the court.


Always focus on the bigger picture

One of the important things sports teaches you is not to dispute the Umpire/Referee’s decision- whether fair or unfair.  During the course of a match, some decisions go in your favor and some against.  The key take away is to accept both the decisions with aplomb without arguing and without disputing irrespective of whether the motive is intentional or not.  This will enable you to focus on the bigger picture on hand which is to achieve victory each time you play.

On the other hand, if you start questioning, arguing, and debating with the Umpire’s doubtful decisions, you are likely to lose focus of the bigger picture.  In the end, you might win that point or argument but might go on to lose the match which is not worth it. 

This applies to daily life as well.  Always focus on the bigger picture of life without getting into controversies.

This is one of my learnings from sports. There are many such examples which sport teaches you which can be applied in daily life as well. Look out for more such learnings from my playing days here in my blog in the days to come. Take care and stay fit.

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Stars Of The Past: Prakash Padukone
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