Author: Prakash Padukone

PSM: Coaches Certification Program

PSM coaching certification program for Badminton coaches.

Badminton Rules : The Basics

What are the rules of badminton? All you need to know from Badminton singles rules to badminton doubles rules.

Professional Badminton Player: Key Steps

The journey to become a professional badminton player is often uncertain. Read this blog as we set put to answer a few questions in this process.

Brief History Of Badminton

Brief History Of Badminton Written By: Mr. Uday Sane, BAC Referee & Ex-BWF Certified Technical Official. October 2, 2020 Prakash Padukone Our Blogs The Origins: Many of us are familiar with the evening scene of kids and grown-ups waving racquets across a hurriedly strung net in an open space, white boundaries with chalk powder and […]

What does my mind have to do with badminton?

What does my mind have to do with badminton? Sometimes, everything.

The PSM Story

A brief about the events that have shaped PSM and an intro to what the future holds.

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