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Birth And Renaissance of Padukone Sports Management

Padukone Sports Management (PSM) was founded in 2002 to invigorate the sport of Badminton in India with a vision to be the one-stop solution for everything related to badminton. In the initial years, the activities of PSM were restricted to organising a few National level tournaments in Bangalore.  Then subsequently in 2015 the promoters realised the need of organised coaching for amateur club level players and that was the beginning of real PSM. At that point, India lacked holistic badminton coaching.  A dire demand for coaching began amongst the players who wanted to learn the sport of badminton more seriously and this was keenly observed by Padukone Sports Management. Badminton is the second most popular sport in the country after Cricket, yet there was a lack of infrastructure and organised coaching. Badminton began to be observed as a sport for fitness and recreation amongst all. The number of amateur players saw an exponential increase, there were enthusiasts with their rackets playing the sport in parks and front of their houses.  This tremendous  popularity screamed and screeched for the need for a structured coaching program that enabled everyone to learn the sport with more vigor.  Catering to this demand, gradually coaching centres were started by PSM in over 8 cities around the county where holistic training programs  were introduced to the young ones to master the sport of badminton.  It was monitored and programmed carefully.  Kids were trained and provided an opportunity to participate in  National and State level tournaments.  This helped in exploring a lot of talent that would be left undiscovered otherwise.  Today, Padukone Sports Management has grown into a massive hub for badminton pan India, already having 40 coaches in over 38 centers, successfully coaching and training individuals of all ages.  The vision of Padukone Sports Management to be a one-stop solution for all things related to badminton remains intact. Badminton at Padukone Sports Management is not restricted to professional players only.  PSM is open for all – students, housewives, professionals, etc., with no bias of age, gender or profession.  Anyone interested can take up a program and learn from scratch.  This is a major opportunity for amateur and club level players to master the sport.  PSM provides room for enthusiasts to train at all levels and structured coaching is imparted for non-professional players as well  which is not a common sight in the country.  Imbibing the knowledge of the sport and providing a platform for everyone is what makes us outstanding. For over 5 years, Padukone Sports Management has been actively pursuing coaching and conducting tournaments at National and State level to identify talent.  With the knowledge and expertise of Prakash Padukone and team, the focus is to strengthen and nourish the sport of badminton. Pre-COVID, Padukone Sports Management was active in 8 cities pan India as mentioned earlier with vigorous activities going on.  With the COVID situation, PSM came up with an innovative way and put together an online coaching programs that enabled players and coaches of all levels to learn from home.  This helped a lot of enthusiast to learn the sport from the comfort of their homes.  Participants  were kept engaged and taught effectively which saw a very positive outcome.  The offline curriculum was revamped to fit in for an online format that is structured after a series of trial runs ensuring zero glitches.  This enabled a lot of players to learn from home.  There is tremendous response for the same. A player under the guidance of a good coach with basic knowledge can reach great heights. As there was a lack of organized Coach Education Program, PSM decided to start a Coaches Certification Program for Beginner level in November 2019 to bring the best out of the coaches and provide an opportunity for anyone to become a coach.  Since then we have completed three offline programs successfully that trained more than 150 individuals. Amongst them a few were experienced  prior to the program. At the same time freshers were benefitted as well.  The faculty at PSM put together a Beginner Level Coaches Certification Program online to enable a structured coaching program.  This provides an opportunity for anyone to learn and become a coach from the best in the arena, there is no need to be present physically in our center. We intend to make the best use of the positive side of the COVID situation.  We have seen a tremendous response to our online programs.  The online programs provide a great window for anyone around the county to learn the sport of badminton from the comfort of their home.  This enables identification and scouting talents remotely, which was not possible all these years. Stay tuned to learn more and see what is in store for the enthusiastic badminton player residing inside of you! Narrated by Mr. Prakash Padukone.
Champions don’t wait for things to happen; champions find their own ways to win, fair and square. They don’t wait for success to come to them; they go after success. That’s the hallmark of a champion.

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