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The most extensively researched and executed program under the PSM umbrella, it is available for varied levels of expertise, both online and on-court. The progressive levels of the program allow players to hone their skills and techniques in a standardized manner, while building their unshakeable foundation. The coaching methodology that Prakash Padukone and Vimal Kumar have jointly created and developed, has led to great success.

Sneak peek into the day of an athlete in our advanced batch.

Badminton Training Academy - PSM
Badminton Training Academy - PSM


With kids starting as young as 6, the Advanced level sees players up till approximately 21-23 years of age.

Varied Levels of Batches

The Junior Coaching Program is divided into

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced 
Badminton Training Academy - PSM

Systematic Curriculum

Having drawn from the Shuttle Time curriculum developed by the Badminton World Federation, we added our collective experience spanning several decades to create a systematic curriculum.

Solid Assessment Protocols

Trainees at our centres are out through graded assessment tests, comprising both on-court and off-court skills. Upon passing these tests, trainees are promoted onto the following levels. 

Ensuring Forward Progression 

To enable seamless progression for each player, we insist on a maximum of eight (8) players per court under the watchful guidance of a coach at all times. This ensure individual attention and close monitoring.

What To Expect

Our on-court programs have started in select cities. Call us to find out if a centre near you is open. Each program is tailored to cater to a different level of badminton expertise. Each players fits in one of the following levels:


Players with Basic Skills

38 centres

Monthly, Quarterly, or Semi-Annually

This course can be taken up by complete raw beginners or players who have had some experience playing. We usually divide the beginners batch into levels as well- ranging from players with no basic skills to players who can participate in advanced shadow play and agility. The beginner program is a highly flexible program as far as player growth is concerned. With multiple coaches available across various centres, each child is able to work on their pain points and further strengthen their strong points.


Competitive Level Players

35 centres

Monthly, Quarterly, or Semi-Annually

The Intermediate Program is the right fit for a competitive level player in their respective age category. They are expected to be able to execute most of the strokes from almost all positions on the court, along with making economical movements. The players at this level make better choices of strokes and also have basic knowledge of match play.


7 Centres

Reach out for details about the Residential Program

A competitive player in their respective age category who has an expertise in stroke execution would qualify to be an Advanced Level player at PSM. The players at this level require polishing and enhancing their technical and physical skills and fitness. These are players who take up badminton professionally and compete in State and National level tournaments. The Advanced Level is also a scouting ground for players to be picked up by the Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy.

Our Process

Find what best fits you.


Choose which Level Suits You Best

Depending on your experience in the sport, you could sign up for the Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Program


Speak to our Team

Whether it’s questions related to the best level for you, the timings, or even details about the coaches, our team is always around to help you with any questions you may have


Choose between Online and On-Court

While we are present in thirty-eight centres across seven cities, we are ever expanding! You can still train with us virtually, if the centres are not accesible to you


Choose your Centre and Start Date

Click the sign up button, or visit our venues tab and look out for the next available batch. We have online and on-court sessions running simultaneously


Attend your Free Virtual Class!​

If you would like a preview of our coaching, attend an online class before signing up for the programs. We know that is what we need to make you a true PSM fan! 

Venues Across India

We're currently in 8 cities and growing


An opportunity to pursue sport  should not just be limited to a few select cities. With this is mind, PSM is committed to expanding to all tiers and offering every individual a chance to pursue their dream. 

Badminton Coaching Academy
Junior Badminton Coaching Academy
Junior Badminton Coaching Academy
Junior Badminton Coaching Academy
Junior Badminton Coaching Academy
Junior Badminton Coaching Academy
Adults Badminton Coaching Academy
Badminton Training Academy - PSM
Badminton Training Academy - PSM
Badminton Training Academy - PSM
Badminton Training Academy - PSM

On-Court and Online

The same knowledge; dispersed differently

Focussed around perfecting the techniques, building the stamina and agility for the sport, and constant monitoring by a coach, the on-court program is geared towards game progression.

The perfect amalgamation of technical knowledge, fitness sessions, nutrition, meditation, sports psychology, and theoretical basics; the online program is a complete package.



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Frequently Asked Question

If you are unclear about the right level of coaching for yourself, speak to our team. They will be able to analyse your level based on your prior experience.

We provide a residential program at Padukone-Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence in Bengaluru. With multiple facilities available, the program is apt for players looking to take the next step in competitive badminton.

You can sign up for the free session by reaching out to our team and selecting from one of the available time slots. 

The uniqueness that PSM brings to the world of coaching comes from the standardization of the curriculum. A well-thought and planned out curriculum allows for guaranteed results, making our coaching programs special.

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Badminton Training Academy - PSM
Badminton Training Academy - PSM
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